Is 50 Instagram Likes Going To Be Enough For You?

We’ll get to this question in a bit. First this suggestion. It’s necessary for those of you still setting up your first Instagram account. And it’s also necessary for the rest of you who already have an Instagram account. We’d like to suggest to you that you spend a bit of extra time going over your Instagram profile. Because after you have purchased 50 Instagram likes – that’s our next suggestion – this is going to help provide you with some authenticity. It’s got to look genuine. Future visitors to your Instagram account must know for sure that this is you they are watching, and maybe even, talking to.

Whether this is your first Instagram account or you have had it online for a while already is beside the point. Be prepared to update your profile from time to time. As an established business, there will always be changes. Infrastructure may have changed or the demographics of your market may have altered, through no fault of your own. Your profile must resonate with the photographic portfolio that is continuously being updated, as and when new photos are added or dated pics are deleted.

New Instagram users note that you should spend a bit of time over your first profile. You also need to be quite circumspect over the choice of your user name. Because this is the name that Instagram visitors will be viewing once they reach your account. They will, soon enough, thanks to your fifty Instagram likes. Of course, fifty is such a small, round number these days. Many of you reading this now are far down the line where your business is concerned. What you need now is more Instagram traffic. So, of course, it makes sense to consider purchasing more Instagram likes.

This sort of volume is bound to be noticed. As for new account holders, easy does it. Fifty should do for you so long. It is early days still. You still need to spend a bit more time acquainting yourself with your new social media platform while loading a decent body of photos to your Instagram portfolio. You can be clever with this. With just fifty likes, you have quality. Alongside of that, no more than ten pics should do it for now. Online viewers reaching your platform for the first time will notice that you are still relatively new in this space.

They will be looking out for more offerings from you once they too have punched the like button. So, that’s your work, really, you will need to make your Instagram account a stand-out presentation. Those of you, who have been at it for a while, know this much already. And you also need to take time out of your busy schedule servicing new clients in sending out polite and professional ‘thank you’ notes, thanking all the visitors for their support. Not only is this the right thing to do, it’s pretty genuine too.